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Varinder is one of the most unique callers of the Iain Lee LBC radio show and LBC itself. He has been phoningfor quite a while now and has grown in popularity for all the right and wrong reasons. One thing about Varinder is that after a few listensyou will never forget him. He sometimes phones Clive Bull but it's his conversations with Iain Lee andthe other callersthat makes himsuch apersonality. Here we give you more information about Varinder himself, hiscatch phrases,his impersonators and more...

Varinder is most known for calling the Iain Lee LBC radio show. He seems toprovoke many reactions in many people, some good some bad. Here is one from Iain himself...

Varinder is a 19 year old male of East Indian ethnicity fromthe Newham in East London. Newham as of 2006, in a study carried out by Channel 4,is the 4th worst place to live in the whole of Britain.This study took into account school results when givingNewhamit's rating, however this didn't seem to apply to Varinder. This is becausejudging by his education heperformedquite well in the school he went to in Newham. This was Langdon School which Varinder attended from 1999 to 2004.In 2004 he went to Leyton Sixth Form College till 2006. Varinderthen went tothe University of Westminster and he's still there studying as of 2007.

Varinderhas some popular catchphrases thatcan often be heard when he calls the Iain Lee show. These range from the weird to the downright absurd and Varinder often says them when other callers areplaced onair with him. Some of the most common are:

  • Have you ever peed in a swimming pool? - This is arguably the mostfamous Varinder catch phrase and issaid the most often. While Iain doesn't respond to this anymore some callers do. With answerslike "no, have you?" to"that's disgusting",you never tire of hearing it.
  • I'm not gay - Varinder was often accused of being gay. This was due to his extreme reaction when the subjectof homosexuality was approached. Heuse to defend himself so strongly that he was accused of being anti-gay. This led tohim explaining that he has nothing against gays but just that he isn't one of them. This defense is now a catch phrase on its own.
  • First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is - Varinder has taken to usingthis oneto successfully confuse others. The phrase is a kind of Zen Buddhist philosophy made famous by an American singer "Donovan" who used it in his lyrics.

Iain Lee has recorded some of Varinder's comments and his most popular catch phrases. Iain willthen play these recordings tonew or unsuspecting callers on air. Iainremainssilent and lets the caller talk to the recordings withamusing consequences. Iain picks the ideal callers because they don't suspect that they're not talking to a real person. The followingisa perfect example of this.

This videofeaturesa ladycalled Maria from the Wallington and she has no idea that she is speaking to recordings of Varinder. There are some classic moments as she starts arguing withthem...

So popular and well know is Varinder that there are now Varinder impersonators . These are people who phone Iain's show just to pretend to beVarinder and repeat hiscatchphrases in Varinder's tone. Varinder has been on air with the impersonators all claiming to be the real Varinder which sometimes leads to arguments. Varinder then use to call himself pretending to be an impersonator without success. There is also a female Varinder impersonator who adds a feminine touch to Varinder's catch phrases.

Iain Leehas started giving out Varinder's mobile number live onhis LBC showfor people to call it. Iain will encourage them to phone while Varinder ison the air,Varinder's reactions to the calls can then be heard on the show. Some people who callare abusive, some flirt, while some don't seem to have the guts to say anything orbelieve it's actually Varinder's phone. You just know some of them will haveasked if he's gay (see above). Iain has said that he plans to post a video on his Iain Lee YouTube page of Varinder taking calls but atpresent this hasn't happened. Due to giving out his numberVarinder says he now gets calls at all times of the day. This has meanthe's had to turn the phone offmost of the time. To join the fun Varinder's mobile number is 07931 956 085.

Overall Varinder (along with Barry from Watford) is one of the best callers of LBC . His calls are sometimes short, sometimes a bit weird but always memorable. Despite the age differencebetween Iainand Varinder they appear to get on really well and Iain has said that he wishes to involve Varinder in some sort of skit of such. This can only be encouraged for the meeting of anarchic and comedic minds. Varinder is studying films at university so maybe there can be some multimedia work there. In any case Varinder is a vital part of the Iain Lee show andhelpsmake itone of LBC'sbest.

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