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The Psychic Show occupies theFriday evening 10pm to 1am slot on LBC radio. This is a once weekly show hosted by Becky Walsh and Chris Hawkins . There have been psychic shows and guests on LBC for many years now but this show is a welcome difference thanks to it's presenters. Read on for reasons why this is the case, also wegive details about theshow, the readings Becky gives and what the show is like.

When you think of the psychic show and LBC in days gone by you think of psychic mediums appearing with Peter Deeley and others taking calls and predicting callers personalities and future. They would often give feelers out to the caller waiting for a yes answer and would then give further information based on the answer. The call would then finish and the host would remark on how amazing the psychic was by guessing the most obvious personality traits that could apply to most of the human race at one point or another based on the positive answerearly in the call. Basically the past psychic shows were a bit of a sham, but that was all about to change.

Trivia : Becky Walsh is currently single and will often comment on this on the psychic show. She even went on a speed dating night butdidn't tellpeople shemetthat sheispsychic.

The Psychic Show today has little to do with the random guesses of someone's life that we had on LBC in the past. There are readings on the show, as Becky Walsh is a psychic medium after all, but they form a small part of the show and are done in a different and more positive way anyway. Today the show is more about the paranormal and features intelligent discussion from both the callers andpresenters. The current show started in early 2006 and Becky interviewed for the job of co-host. Chris Hawkins was chosen and is there for a more skeptical or straightforwardpoint of viewin a similar vein to the X-files television show.

The psychic show will often have experts and guests on the show, these will always have a paranormal or psychic edge to them. Sometimes they have a fellow psychic do some readings, others are authors of a book that is relevant to the show. These guests appear once every couple of weeks and usually only appear for half an hour to an hour.They bring a nice twist to the showand don't intrude muchon the combination of Becky and Chris.

Trivia :In January 2007 Becky did a stand up psychic comedy show in London. Visit her website for possible future dates (there's a link at the bottom of this page).

When Becky does readings on the psychic showshe is very careful with what she says. She does predict her callers needs and personality but she does this very honestly.She will often get a feeling whilst talking to the caller and will describe itin anattempt toconnect it to the callers life. She says she will never do predictions on the future for people as these can often have negative consequences. An example she gives is that if you tell someone they will have a long future in a certain relationship, the person may stay in that relationship however bad it is because of what a psychic said. Whereas empowering someone during a reading enables that person to make the correct choices them self. This shows alot of integrity which is something you don't expect when it comes to psychics and the like.

Overall the psychic show is thoroughly recommended thanks mainly to Beckyand her charming personality so rarefrom a psychic on LBC. She seems to inspire those around her, even Chris Hawkins who frankly can be quite boring on his own show on a Saturday is transformed into a witty interesting co-host. LBC chose Becky to host a psychic show andhow they found her is a mystery but they have found adiamond. Never can LBC go back to the old days of an idiot trying to predict the callers future as Becky has raised the bar on that one. I must confess while not being particularly interested in the paranormal as such.I do like talk radio and this show is a perfect example of entertaining radio, it actually makes me interested in the subject by hearing Becky's fascinating expertise and viewpoints. If you've never heard it before, give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

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