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Steve Allen

Steve Allen occupies the early morning 5am to 7am slot before thebreakfast show on LBC radio. Steve is LBC's longest serving presenter having been with the station for over 27 years. He has held a variety of time slots and shows and often fills in when a presenter is off sick. He currently has his regular weekday slot plusa gadget show on a Sunday at7am to 10am anda music show at2pm to 3pmon Sundayas well(more about these shows further down the page). He is now LBC's busiest presenter in that he'son airthe most hours per week.

The career of Steve Allen is one dominated by broadcasting and the media. This begins with Steve working as a DJ in a night clubthenbecoming a broadcaster entertaining workers at a biscuit factory in the North of England. The company had factories at various locations in the UK and Steve would broadcast to them all.The factory Steve wasbroadcasting toclosed their doors in 1979 and he joined LBC soon after. Steve Allenstarted his LBC career as a nightime presenter and has survived the company and frequency changes throughout the 27 years. Steve hasundertaken other work whilst being with LBC and this includes working for a United Nations sponsored radio station in Vienna in the early 1980's. He has also appeared on television where he co-presented a magazine style show on channel 5 in the late 1990's. As LBC's busiest presenter he doesn't have any other projects he's working on at the moment but then he doesn't have the time.

Trivia :Steve Allen doesn't actually take any callers on his shows. He does respond to listeners on air when he receivestexts and emails.

The Steve Allen show on LBC isStevetalking interspersed with his guests and is very centered around observations in an amusingway. It is the only show on LBC that doesn't have anycallers. Aself described "bitch" Stevecan often be heard berating celebrities from soap stars to models to reality tv stars, just about anyone currently in the news who doesn't deserve to be. These views are often funny and quite outrageous as he mocks celebrities and shares opinions that everyone has but are too afraid to share.

Steve Allen has a number of celebrity friends andoften gets celebrity gossip before the magazines and papers do. Hehas information that is not public knowledge andreveals this with his listeners but does not identify thecelebrity he's talking about to protectLBC's libel risk. Steve Allen's opinions are upfront andheshares themwhether they are shared by the majority or not and this makes his show very good to listen to. This is confirmed by his status as the most downloaded LBC presenter on the LBC plus podcasting service although the early time slot may be a factor in this.

Trivia : Since working for LBC Steve Allen has discovered he is diabetic and has regularly promoted awareness of the disease.

Steve Allenhas regular guests on his showeveryday. Sometimes there can betwo or more guests in the studio at the same time all sharing their opinions on what Steve is talking about. These are like his replacement for callers and he will talk to them and bounce his ideas and amusing thoughts off them. This can be very entertaining to listen to as sometimes Steve and his guestscan be infits of laughter whichis veryinfectious.

Every fortnight on his Sunday show at 7am to 10amSteve Allenreviews the latest gadgets with his "gadget guru". Here the gadget guru will bring in a selection of technology and gadgets that have just been or are about to be released and they test and review the performance and usefulness of the gadget live on the show. Thistotally unbiased and provides a valuable and interestingopinion on present and future gadgets and technologies. This is essential advice for future purchases and he has summarised his gadgets of the year on his site.

Trivia :In 2006 Steve Allen and James O'Brien did a stand up tour aroundLondonand thetickets sold out within days of release.

On Sunday at 2pm till 3pm Steve Allen hosts a show entitled "That reminds me".Here Steve invitesa celebrityto come in for a chat andtohave their favourites records played on air. The celebrity is normally a musician but there havebeen other famous personalities. During the show Steve will discuss the celebrities' career andget their thoughts on the major events in their life. This is an intimate show and Steve succeeds in drawing out the guests opinionsabout current subjects especiallytheir current industry andpeers.This is all interspersed with their favourite recordsand talkabout why they like the record. One of the more famous guestsrecently was Gloria Estefan whoonly spent a few days in the UK to promote her greatest hits album and chose to do sowithSteve Allen.

OverallSteve Allen has aunique brand of humour and wit and this makes his show a joy to listen to. His personality whilst opinionated is easyto listen to and ideal for radio. His show although having no callers isvery entertaining helped by the guests hehas with him.Steve has been with LBC for over 27 years and when you listen to his show you can hear why he has lasted for so long. He is still at the top of his game. Steve is a very versatile presenter doing a variety of shows for LBC which are always worth listening to and makinghim a great addition to the LBC roster.

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