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Paul Ross

Paul Ross occupies the afternoon 4pm to 6.30pm drive time slot on LBC radio. Paul first joined LBC in 2003 where he presented a Saturday morning show. Paul's style and personality has proven successful ashashis ratings. This has culminated in him being offered the important drive time audience in January 2007. This was previously occupied by Iain Lee until a schedule revamp at the station.Paul continues his Saturday morning show he started with whichis onat 7am to 10am.

Paul Ross is the eldest of the famous Ross brothers,the younger brotherbeing highly paid televisionstar Jonathan Ross. The other members of the family also work in television but behind the scenes as producers. Paul has always worked in the mediawith the emphasis on television both behind and in front of the screen. Thisstarted in the early 1990'swhen he wasa researcher for ITV before becoming aneditor for the controversial late night television show"The Word" on channel 4. In the mid 1990's he startedgetting work in front of the screen.

Trivia :Paul Ross has had a couple of film roles including one in the box officesmash "Bridget Jones's Diary" in 2001.

Credits in front of the cameraincludeco-presenting"The Big Breakfast" on channel 4 and hosting some game showsto moderate success. In the late 1990's hewas given hisown television show on ITV which was self titled andbroadcast in the evening whichran for two yearsfrom 1997 to 98. The following years saw Paul Ross do a variety of television work. This includes appearing as a panelist on celebrity game shows,presenting on a satellite shopping channel and being on a celebrity reality TV show. Hewas also a popular choice for giving comments on top 100 listand nostalgia compilation shows.Paul still does television work as a showbiz reporterand film critic for the "This Morning" programme on ITV but this will probably be far less frequent now due to his new 5 times a week LBC commitment.

The LBC show Paul Ross does is similar to Steve Allen in content and style butPaul takes callers on his show where Steve doesn't. The similiarity is in the subjects they talk about. Paul has a clear interest in celebrity and showbiz gossip anddiscusses this often. This is regularlyto the detriment of the celebrity or realityTV star he's talking about. Paul also shares his brother's passion in films and is very knowledgeable in this regard. Paulhas many celebrity freinds and often has gossip that no one else knows which he reveals on his show. He also gets information on television shows that's not public knowledge due to his contacts in the television industry. This has caused problems for Paul after his wondering tongue caused his mother to be fired from her job. She was an extra in "Eastenders" and revealedan important Christmas storyline to Paul. Paul then shared this with his listeners on his Saturday morning show which led to his mother losing her job.

Trivia :Paul Ross is currently in his third marriage andis determined to make it his last.

Paul Ross like other LBC presenters likes to talk about the news of the day, he does this with alot of passion and enthusiasm. This isthe real appeal of his show asit's infectious and makes a goodlisten. Paul takes calls throughout his show but doesn't take as many as some presenters as his passion for a subject often leads into a long and often amusing monologue as he gives his opinion. When he does take a call hehas a good rapport with his callers and this can spur the monloguesto beginwhen something ignites his interest. This can be enlightening as his opinion is interesting and oftenmakes you think abouta subject in a totally different way.

The Paul Ross show is different to Iain Lee's in that he's less off the wall and incites a more relevantnews of the day discussion but his show is no lessentertaining to listen to.Iain Lee was very popular in this time slot with teenagersleaving school but I don't think Paul Ross has the same appeal for a younger audience. As mentioned before he is more comparableto Steve Allen in the celebrity gossipand monologues he does. His show is a good listenand this isduetohis enthusiasm and passion for the topic he's talking about. Overall the Paul Ross show is a worthy addition to the LBC schedule and worth listening to.

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