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Here we present other & past LBC radio presenters we have all enjoyed in times gone by. We say times gone by with a futuristic thought as this website was written in late 2006 and all past presenters featured here will have left after that date. However at the time of writing a classic presenter has sadly resigned and no doubt future schedule revamps and life changes for other presenters will only see this page grow over time.

Adrian Allen - Adrian was a very regular presenter having had the mid week through the night spot. He was very popular and specialised in bringing real emotions and experiences out in people. He was able to speak when he needed to but more importantly he knew when to keep quiet and let his callers open up to him and reveal secrets and inner most thoughts. Adrian left very suddenly without any real warning in his last shows in late May 2007. The reasonwas revealed by Bill Buckleywho saidthe commute was too farandhe could not find somewhere to live in London. However rumours ofsacking wereon LBC internet forums with one reason being thathe let the F-word slip through too frequently.

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