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Nick Ferrari

Nick Ferrari occupies LBC radio's flagship breakfast show in the 7am to 10am slot. Nick's career started in journalism where he worked for some of the major tabloids including The Sun and The Daily Mirror amongst others. He then worked in television behind the scenes for Sky News and then the Fox Television Network in New York. Nick officially joined LBC radio in January 2004 on the breakfast show and has been there ever since.

Nick Ferrari's show incorporates callers and is geared to a more political and topical news of the day type of discussion. The show is fast paced and passionate about it's topics where Nick will often play devils advocate to encourage more passion and sometimes outrage from his callers. Despite the serious nature of many of the talked about topics there is still plenty of humour within the show. Nick's humour is often aimed toward the reaction from callers to his sometimes extreme comments.

Trivia :In the show you will never hear Nick Ferrari mention or play a jingle that contains the telephone number needed to call in.

As with most of the LBC radio presenters, Nick Ferrari has regular callers of his show. The most popular of which has to be Rosemary from Kilburn with whom Nick regularly has a banter with. They seem to have a love hate relationship with one recent exchange serving as the perfect example of Nick's humour. Nick recently asked her what would happen if he was to tweak her nipple, "a slap round the face straight away" was Rosemary's reply.

With LBC radio being the capital city's premier talk radio station Nick Ferrari gets a fair share of well known guests. Most notably the London mayor Ken Livingstone regularly makes an appearance. He usually spends about 30 minutes at the show and is a rare opportunity for Londoner's to have a dialogue with their mayor about their most pressing concerns. Other guests have included Carol Thatcher and Ann Widdecombe.

Trivia :Nick Ferrari is commonly referred to by other LBC radio presenters as Nick Ferris.

The Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show has been recognised within the industry winning two notable awards. The first is the 2006 Sony Radio Academy Award for best breakfast show. Nick was hoping to get the award in 2005 but had to wait another year to actually win. The other award also given in 2006 was the prestigious Arqiva Commercial Radio Presenter of the Year award. These are great accolades and are a testament to the integrity and quality of the Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show.

As well as being an LBC radio presenter Nick Ferrari has other work he regularly undertakes. This includes some television work where he regularly features on channel 4's Richard & Judy. He has also played a cameo role in the Ricky Gervais series on the BBC called "Extras". Recently he has just released a new book titled The World According to Nick Ferrari in which he further shares his opinions and comments on the world today.

Despite all the awards and important guests he has on his show, Nick Ferrari manages to maintain a very personal feel to his show. His forthright views and opinions are interesting and this draws equally interesting comments from his callers. Overall the Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show is a great thought provoking and entertaining show that is always worth listening to.

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