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Nick Abbot occupiesthe Saturdaynight into Sunday morning 10pm to 1am slot on LBC radio. Nick started this stint at LBC in early 2006 but it wasn't his first time at LBC.He hosted a show with Carol McGiffinseveral years agothat lasted only 6 months until returning to the station in 2006.Nick is one of the presenters who often fills in when aregular presenter is off sick or on holiday. He has a unique style of show.Here we give you details abouthis Nick's career, what you can expect to hear on hisshow, the people he has onthe showandwhat it's like.

The career of Nick Abbot is one dominated exclusively in radio in various forms. This began as a DJ for the Virgin Megastore's own radio station broadcast in its shops. In1988Nick helped launch the BBC London radio station, then called Greater London Radio. Here he hosted the breakfast show with Fiona Foster. He presented this show fora year before moving back to the Virgin Megastorestation till 1993. In 1993 Virgin hired Nick for their national stationVirgin Radio. The Nick Abbot show was an overnight show and was quite extreme in content which led to a number of complaints to the radio authority. These complaints were upheld and Virgin Radio was fined. Nick was asked to tone down his show andmoved to a late evening slot.

Trivia : Nick Abbot bought his first car at the age of 42. Before this he was quite happy using public transport.

During the following yearsfrom 1994 Nick Abbot worked at a number of different radio stations the majority of which were talk radio stations. This continued until late 2002 when Nick decided to take a break from radio altogether. For the next 3 years Nick did no work at all andin his own words he "did nothing"and that "those were the happiest of years". It was late 2005when Nick returned to work. He worked at a variety of stations often justfilling in when regular presenters were off sick or on holiday.His LBC show he currently has, started in early 2006. Also in 2006 he joined another station at which he still has a show. The radio station is called Planet Rock and is a digital radio station broadcasting classic rock music. Nick's show ison a Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

The Nick Abbot LBCshow isa lively,comedic style of talk radio show. He has a sarcasticsense of humour and willnotpander to his callers. Sometimes whena caller says something he doesn't agree with orhe thinkssounds stupid, he doesn't hold back in letting them know. He isn't aggressivebut rather uses his wit and timing to disregard their comments in an often amusing and non-spiteful way. Hedoes share an intelligent and thoughtful conversation with alot of callers. But you can always expect a sprinkle of wit and humour thrown in.

Trivia : Nick Abbot currently lives in Uxbridge and has lived there for nearly 30 years.

Nick Abbot has regular guests on his show. You could even call them co-presenters as they can be heard so much, they are Lucy and Alex. They appear on nearly every show and Lucy especially can play quite a big part. Nick will often not take calls for a period of time, especially when he gets the next days newspapersand will discuss the stories with Lucy. Sometimes Alexjoins in. There can be agood half hour discussion about the various newsstories as he reads them.Whilstdoing this, Nick has pre-recorded sounds heoften plays as a response to a particularnews story.Sometimes these sounds areof someone being amazed or a shout of "boring" when anews storydoesn't deserve to be there.

Overall the Nick Abbot show is a good listen. It is on at an odd time thoughbeing late Saturday evening. You'd have thought with all the pre-recorded shows LBC has on over the weekend that a better slot could have been found. However, Nick has a great personality and makes an entertaining show . Some of his comments and responses to his callers are laugh out loud funny. The fact that he's so upfront with his callers is unusual in LBC. Some presentersare too easy going toquestionable comments from callers but not Nick. Despite that you still get the impression that Nick isa nice person andhis show is good to listen to.

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