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LBC Radio Sites and Contact Information

Here you can find LBC websites and other sites worth visiting for LBC fans. Further down the page you'll find contact information showing the different ways you can contact LBC. For other sites about individual LBC presenters see the corresponding page for the presenter on this site and scroll down to the recommended resources section.

LBC radio sites

LBC Radio Discussion Forum - This is the LBC thread in the radio forum of the digital spy website and is the most active LBC discussion on the net. It is full of fans of LBC and the current post count is around 15-20 per day. As with any internet forum you do get the odd person who posts argumentative comments but they don't stick around for long. For the latest LBC discussion this is the best place to visit.

LBC - Wikipedia - This is the LBC radio entry in the online encyclopedia that is wikipedia. Here there are links to LBC 97.3 and LBC news 1152 for further information about LBC stations and the broadcasters. There is also information about the history of LBC and biographies and further information about all of LBC's presenters past and present. Wikipedia is a vast online resource and it's information on LBC is equally impressive. It is a user edited site so if you see any information that's incorrect or needs adding then feel free to do so.

Official LBC Website - This is the home of LBC radio, for both 97.3 and the news 1152 sister station. This is the best place for current LBC information. Included are presenters blogs where they post a summary after every show. Also all the resources that a presenter mentions on their show can be found here. For current schedule information obviously this is the most up to date.

LBC Podcasts - This is where you can get the LBC podcasts from and hear any show you may have missed. There are free "best of" shows that you can download or listen to on your PC then there are the whole shows in the premium section. The cost of premium access is a nominal £2 per month and also gives you content not heard on the radio plus memorable LBC moments. The best feature about the podcasts is that you hear the shows with the weather, news and adverts edited out. So you hear only the presenter and callers with no interruptions.

Global Radio - This is the LBC section of the website for the company that owns and runs LBC. This is often where you can find out the latest LBC company information and LBC performance figures are published here which includes their reach and demographic profile. Also should you want to advertise on LBC then this should be your first port of call.

LBC contact information

To phone the show: 0845 60 60 973

To text the show: 84850

To fax the show: 020 7314 7322

To email the show use the presenters name:

To phone the LBC switchboard: 020 7314 7300

To write to LBC:

LBC Radio Ltd
The Chrysalis Building
Bramley Road
W10 6SP

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