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Jon Holmes occupies the 4pm to 6.30pm slot every Friday on LBC radio. This is now Jon's regular slot as of January 2007. Before this he could often be heard filling in for Iain Lee when he was away. Jon is primarily a writer and comedianwriting for comedy shows on radio and television.Famously described as a "tosser" by Martine McCutcheonhere we give you details about Jon's career, what you can expect on his show,and whattheshow is like.

Aftergraduating fromuniversity in radio, film, television and EnglishJon Holmes' radio career immediately began with BBC radio 4.There he hosted his own comedy show called "Grevious Bodily Radio" to mixed reviews with comments like "spot on"and "disgusting". Jon found his niche in radio and comedyand he spent many years writing and performing for radio 4 on variousshows. The latest is The 99p Challengea spoof panel game show which Jon co-writes and The Now Show thathe also co-writes and performs on.Notable radio credits include 2 Gold Sony Radio Academy Awards. One was for an entertainment show Jon co-hosted on Power FM and the other was for the writingon the radio version of impressions comedy show Dead Ringers. Not all of Jon's radio work has received praise though, he got fired from Virgin Radio in 2002. The reason was that hestarted agame on his show called "Swearing Radio Hangman for the Under 12s" which received a record number of complaints and a record fine for his bosses. As well as LBC Jon can currently be heard ona music show every Saturday afternoon on BBC6 Music.

Trivia :Jon Holmes has just had a book published called Status Quo and the Kangaroo which is a comedy about questionable rock and roll stories.

Jon Holmes also has a number of television credits . Here he's worked both in front of and behind thescreen mostlyin comedieson avariety of channels.Thisincludeswriting for the television version of Dead Ringers the impressions show, writing for BBC1's Have I Got News For You , BBC1's Mock The Week and BBC4's Celebdaq. He's appeared in front of the camera on the following shows: he co-hosted the 11 O'clock Show in early 2000.Currently a regular guest on channel 5'sThe Wright Stuff and ITV1's This Morning .Other television workincludes being the voice on BBC3's 7 Days and a narrator on a children's show on the Discovery Channel called "Crash Test Danny".Jon has also just had a sitcom script commissioned by channel 5 which is all about amusing events inhis life.

The Jon Holmes LBC show is a 2 and a half hour talk show with Jon introducing the main topic to be talked about in the first 15 minutes. With Jon being a comedian and writer of comedies, humour is never far away.The humour isn't delivered like a series of gags, it's more of an observational humour that you'd have during a conversation. The topics coveredwill often consist of an amusing event thathappened to Jon in the previous week and he would encourage listeners to call in if they had similar experiences. Otherwisea running joke of Jon's is aboutfellow LBC presenter Anna Raeburn and how the prim and properMiss Raeburnwould be in compromising situations.For example he said that the he would use the agony aunts name in order to obtain sexual intercourse from lesbians while dressed as a woman implying that Anna has had this sort of experience!

Despite Jon Holmes being a well established and respected comedic writer, this doesn't really come across in his show. He doesn'thave wit and timing unlike Iain Lee and he doesn't have the dry sense of humour of Clive Bull. It makes you think this is the reason he's more successful as a writer and not a performer. Some of his stories arefunny but during normal conversation, which is what this show is all about, you don't get a sense that you're listening to a professional comedian which he claims to be. Where Iain Lee and Clive Bull can make you laughJon does not, the only problem is, this is what he keeps trying to do. He keeps saying one linersthe majority of which are notfunny.He seems a nice guy and his callers all seem to be very enthusiastic and enjoy talking to him which not all presenters can boast. This is probablya show where you'd say "give him a try, you may like him, you may not". You just wouldn't give a very overwhelming recommendationas there other funnier and more unique presenters on LBC.

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