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Jo Parkerson

Jo Parkerson occupiesthe Saturday evening 6pm to 8pm slot on LBC radio. Jo began with LBC in 2004 andjoined to presentan entertainment and lifestyle show and as showbiz editor. This is due to her background as a journalist andshowbiz reporter. Out of all the LBC presenters she is probably the most well connected within the showbiz industry. Here we give you details about Jo herself, her career, what you can expect to hear on her show, the celebrityinterviews and a summary of what her show is like.

The career of Jo Parkerson like most LBC presenters is one dominated by journalism and media.This began with Galaxy radio as a presenter on a show called "The Guide" which was an entertainment show. She did this show for 3 years to 2001 before starting a similar show called "Access All Areas" on the same station till 2003. Duringthis timeshe was assigned to travel to showbiz parties, premiers and award shows tointerview celebrities. In 2003 she became showbiz editor of Galaxy, Heart FM and LBC radio stations (all owned by Chrysalis). Joalso appeared ontelevisionin a weekly showbiz slot on a Living TV show called "Loose Lips". This ended in 2004 when she got another slot as a showbiz expert for another show called "Celebrity Xtra"on the same channel till the end of 2005.During this timeJo has been a UK showbiz correspondent for two major American TV networks, Fox News and CNN .

Trivia :Jo Parkerson and her husband Brian have been looking for a home and have finally put in an offer for a flat in late January 2007.

The Jo Parkerson LBC show is a lively, fun, entertainment and lifestyle show.Jo is a self confessed party animal and brings this into her show. She often has stories of excess and parties and encourages her callers to relaytheir amusing stories as well. Intermixed with this are talk of the latest films, tv shows and the latest news stories from the world of entertainmentand showbiz. Thisusually happens due toa recent premier or award show she's attended. Jo also likes to talk about herself on the show which some LBC presenters don't do.She will occaisionally mention her husband Brian and what they have got up to whether it's holidaysor house hunting.

One feature of the Jo Parkerson LBC showare the celebrity interviews . Asher role as showbiz editor formost of theChrysalis radio network she is often required to attend celebrity events.As a result Jo is able to reveal interesting insightsinto the celebrity she's interviewing. For example she reveals that Leonardo Dicaprio is often abrupt and has a dislike of interviews but is very open and genuine when the microphone is off. How 80's film legend Danny Glover fell asleep during an interview! Also what questionsJoreally wants to ask during an interview but can't.Recent interviews include Ricky Gervais about a current film he's appeared in and Sylvester Stalloneabout his film "Rocky Balboa". Jo revealsprior to the interview that Sylvester Stallone has a very limp handshake!

Overall the Jo Parkerson LBC show is essential listening for those interested in showbiz and celebrities. However, even if you're not, Jo's personality is lively and enthusiastic making her enjoyable to listen to . Her show only being on once a week for two hours is not a big part ofLBCbut is alittle gem inthe schedule. Her unique status as the showbiz editor means that the celebrity gossip she has istruly eye opening and entertaining to listen to. The LBC management obviously agree as her show has been running for 3 years. So if you're interested in hearing a lively young woman talking about her unique job andinteresting life, the Jo Parkerson show is well worth tuning in for.

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