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Jim Davis

Jim Davis occupiesthe weekday 1pm to 2pm lunchtime slot on LBC radio. Jim is new to LBC in 2007 after coming from an LBC sister station Heart FM which Jimstill has a show. Jim was introduced as part of the schedule revamp at the beginning of 2007. Although he's worked in radio for many years this ishis first foray into doing a talk radio show and at firstlisten he clearly seems at ease. Here we give you details about Jim's career, what his show is like, what you can expect to hear, theguests he has and sometrivia about Jim you may not know.

Born in 1972 Jim Davis wasinterested in radio and music as a child and through his teenage years.A turning point came when a cousininvited him to sit in on her BBC radio show. He was immediately taken with radio workand wanted, as he says, to spendhis entire career in front of a microphone. This has been the case as Jim has nothing but radioon his CV. This started as many do in far less glamorous surroundings by working as a hospital DJ playing records to the elderly in Windsor and Maidenhead. When this ended hegotwork for a station called Signal Radio in 1996.

Trivia :Musicisa passion for Jim Davis personally as well as professionallyandhe currently owns over 10,000 cd's.

At Signal Radio Jim Davis spent a total of 6 years and waspromoted to theimportant breakfast show where he drew a loyal following and increased the stationsratings. He also worked behind the scenes for the station dealing with the music output. This culminated in Jim being made head of music for the group that owned the station and today he still works as a music consultant. Jimthen moved to Heart FM (then called Century) in 2002 andgot promoted to the breakfast show where he again successfully raised the station's profile and audience figures. Hestill works for Heart FM butin a lesser rolehosting a "club classics" music show onFridayat 7pm to 2am andSaturdayat 6pmto 2am.

Jim Davis'new show on LBC is entitled "Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing" which starting in January is an ideal time for a show like this as many look inwardly to their lifestyle at this time of year. Jim has a clear interest and enthusiasm in these subjects and this is reflected in his show which maybe like talking about a hobby for him.This is one of the few shows on LBC that have a themeas most presenters just accept callers on any subject.Jim has a similar personality and actually sounds similar to James O'Brien . They bothexpress their thoughts and opinions in a similar way.Jim'sshow is interspersed with callers and guests for which he only has an hour to cover what is a very large topic.

Trivia :Jim Davis was actually born in South Africa and recently spent 6 months travelingthroughoutthe country.

One of the features of the Jim Davis show onare the guests. Duringthe hourhe may have up to twoon the same day. The show's topic being "lifestyle, health and wellbeing" the guests featured all have expertise of relevance. This canbe quitevariedand include a life coach, an author ofa success orientatedbook anda television health expert. Dr Gillian McKeith who is famous for analysing people's poo on her television show todiagnosenutritional problems isa monthly guest. Her expertise is as a clinical nutritionist. Joanna Hall isa guest every other week. Joanna is an expert in diet and fitnesswho has written many booksand has appearedon televisionshows. Dr Lawrence Gerlis is the LBC doctor andanswers general GP type questions. Mark Bailey a clinical and analytical hypnotherapist appearson the show weeklyto helpcallers achieve their potential in life.

One regular feature on the Jim Davis LBC radio show isJim's juice of the day . This is whereJim gives a recipe for a healthy smoothie drink on the show.Jim as well as giving the ingredients for the recipe explains the benefit of each ingredient in terms of your health and fitness. This will often be the slow release energy that fruits provide, the vitamins and minerals milk contains and other healthy aspects of various ingredients. On a Friday Jim has a naughty weekend smoothy and this usually contains alcohol as part of the ingredient. The smoothies are a niceaddition to the show but maynot be easy to follow straight fromthe broadcast. So every recipe for the week is shown on the LBC website and the abovelink goes to that page.

Overall the Jim Davis show is a great addition to the LBC schedule. It isa bit strangethe showonly being an hour long. You get the impression thisan experiment on the part of LBC managementto see if Jim would succeed intalk radioand to see if the subject would be popular. I think Jim has succeeded in both regards, he has shown through the topics he chooses and the guests he hasthat there is enough variety to warrant the show and one that is entertaining to listen to. A lot of the callers and emailsrequest a longer time slotbut you wonder ifthe showwould be equally as good if it lasted longer. The Jim Davis showis definitely worth listening to if you're near a radio at that time of day or alternatively catch it on the LBC plus podcasting service.

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