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James O'Brien

James O'Brien occupies the 10am to 1pm slot after the hugely popular breakfast show on LBC radio. As James often mentions on the show he is a journalist first and foremost and this is where his career started. He has worked for a variety of newspapersincluding being the showbiz editor for The Daily Express, his work has also been published in a variety of publications including Cosmopolitan and The Spectator.

The James O'Brien LBC radio show incorporates callers and is a more intelligent observational discussion type of show on the station. The discussion is of a serious nature often leading to unnecessarybureaucracy particularly within government. James isjust at ease discussing more everyday subjects and does so with passion and has a good interaction with his callers.

Trivia :In early 2006, 33 year old James O'Brien became a father for the first time to a baby daughter named Elizabeth.

The James O'Brien show regularly features quizzes, in particular the Quiz of the Week he holds every Friday. In this quiz he has a set of questions numbered 1 to 15 where the caller is required to pick a number and try to answer the question. If the caller guesses correctly he can pick another number. The aim of the quiz is to guess the mostanswers correctly.

The quiz of the week becomes a memory game where the caller tries to remember to ask for the questionsthey know the answers to. James intersperses these with amusing catchphrases to ask the caller to pick another number. These include "Do not slumber pick another number" and "do not fidget pick another digit". Overall the quizzes are enjoyable to listen to and make a nice break from a plain discussion show.

In conclusion James O'Brien has a hard act to follow coming straight after the Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show. But rather than replicating that show James injects his own style into the programme. This style consists ofhighly intelligent and thought provoking viewpoints which draws equally interesting comments from the callers.The show is a good listen and is in the perfect slotjust before lunch.

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