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Iain Lee occupies the evening 7pm to 10pm slot on Monday to Thursday and 10pm to 1am on Sunday evening on LBC radio. Iain first started with LBC by guestingwhen presenters were sick before joiningon an official contract at the end of 2004. Iain first occupied an evening slotbut due to the success and popularity of the show he was soon promoted to the important drivetime audience. This too saw success culminating in his award as the LBC radio presenter of the year in 2006 before movingto an evening time slot again in 2007.

Iain Lee started his careeras a stand up comedian in venues in and around the London area. He then began writing for some television shows but comedy was the correct calling for Iain and he soon got a big breakas a co-presenter of channel 4's The 11 O'clock Show in 1998. This was a comedy show designed to appeal to late teens and twenty somethings to watch when they got home from the pub. His timing and rapport with fellow host Daisy Donovan was relatively successful and the show ran for two years. In the few years following Iain could often be seen as a popular guest on many nostalgia type television shows where Iain would provide amusing comments at past trends gone by.

Trivia :Before working for LBC Iain Lee could often be heardon the Clive Bull Show as he would ring in like a regular caller.

As well as television Iain has worked regularly on other radio stations like Horizon and BBC radio 4. There has also been an Iain Lee show on the station XFM which lasted two years from 1999 and he also returned therein 2004. Through his radio work and the phoning in the Clive Bull show Iain came to the attention of LBC for which Clive may have given a recommendation. He did some successful guest presenting and was soon offered his own show in late 2004.

The Iain Lee Show on LBC is a fast paced talk show and isgeared toward Iain's wit and comedic timing in response to his callers. The show is never based on any topics as such but has callers phone in with their own subjects or, as some often do, make somestrange noises.Most callers phone in for a chat and you get Iain's entertaining take on their comments and opinions. Someof thesewill phone in for an argument of which Iain seems to enjoy and handles them in an often amusing way. Iain's sole aim when the arguments occur is to win them which he usually does.

Trivia :Iain Lee also has a talent in music where he currently plays bass guitar in a Kiss tribute band. Kiss being one of Iain's favourite bands.

When a topic does approach the Iain Lee radio show it is usually as a result of an argument, debate or sometimes a bet Iain has had with his producer Agent Chris prior to the show. Agent Chris is Iain Lee's trusted producer who has been with Iain since joining LBC. Agent Chris (real name Christian) worked in public relations for some well known PR companies before his first work in radio which was with Iain at LBC. Agent Chris seems to have a hard time producing Iain as he often gets the blame when things go wrong, thiscan often lead to amusing confrontations.

Like other LBC showsIain Lee has regular callers who phone in daily. Two of the morepopular are Gram andBarry fromWatfordbut by far the most unique has to be Varinder from the Newham. Varinder (after Lynne from Forest Gate)isone ofthe most argumentative callers LBC has and this makes him a joy to listen to. When Varinder calls, Iain will often put other callers on the air alongside him. Within seconds you are guaranteed to hear Varinder arguing or saying silly comments to those other callers which Iain seems to encourage. So memorable is Varinder thatsome callers now impersonate him, Iain refers to them as "Varinder impersonators" including the female Varinder impersonator. Varinder, never one to miss a trick and gain himself more airtime, has started ringingin himself pretendingto be a Varinder impersonator but his distinctive voice gives him away.

Trivia :Iain Lee confessesthat he wasn't very good as a stand up comedianand unfortunately there is no footage currently available.

On Sundays at 10pm to 1am Iain Lee hosts a show titled "Triple M" . Triple M stands for Mick's Mental Mayhem and was named after a caller called Mick who Iain probably thought was mental. During these 3 hoursAgent Chrisdoesn't pre screen the calls. Instead every call goes straight to air. Now even onIain's weekday showthere can be moments of insanity, this is madeworsewhen callers go straight to air on the Triple M show. The insane moments can be the usual Iain Lee callers ranging from the "Pradeeeep!" noise, the "Hey Little Hen" song and various other noises and sounds at the callers whim. This is similar to the last half hour of Clive Bull's show when producer Bob goes missing.

For sheer entertainment value the Iain Lee show is not to be missed. Iain is easily themost comedic presenter who attracts equallycomedic callers. The show sometimes becomes anarchic and some would say immature but Iain's is a unique style of comedy. One of the appealing traits in Iain Lee is his enthusiasm for the conversation he's having and the point he's making on which he never backs down. Overall his show is superb and unique in talk radio making it an essential part of the LBC schedule, miss it at your peril.

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