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Female Varinder Impersonator

The female Varinder impersonator is Zara from Hampstead who can often be heard on the Clive Bull and Iain Lee shows on LBC radio. As well asphoning in impersonating Varinder she can often be heard singing the "Hey Little Hen" song. During the late part of 2006 and early 2007 she would video herself phoning LBC and speaking to the presenter. These clips now feature the full conversation between Zara and Iain.

This is a clip of Zara talking to Iain Lee. She begins by singing the "Hey Little Hen" song using the words hey Triple M (the shows name). She briefly impersonates Varinder and asks for aclip to be played on air before talking further to Iain.

Here is an amusing clip of Zara singing the "Hey Little Hen" song on the Iain Lee show with backing music added later. Look out for the final chorus as Zara is joined by famous Iain Lee show personalities Barry from Watford, Varinder, Iain and others.

This is Zara calling Iain Lee with a suggestion forthe title of his new show. This is due to him moving to an evening slot at the start of 2007. Iain is aware of these videos being posted and asks if she's videoing herself during the call.

Here is Zara calling Iain Lee on his Triple M show. Here we have Iain bragging about his new You Tube videos and how popular they are. They are worth looking at as they are amusing: Iain Lee YouTube Videos. The conversation then goes onto who has a sexy voice.

The clips are courtesy of Guy "Magic" Fingers who uploaded them to his YouTube account. Here is his YouTube profile to see if he's added any more: Guy "Magic" Fingers on YouTube. He also has a MySpace page where he has made a remix of Barry from Watford singing a Cheeky Girls song, it's worth checking out: Guy "Magic" Fingers on MySpace.

Zara herself has her own profile on YouTube and uploads her videos directly. Theseonly feature one side of the conversation until Guy adds the rest using the LBC podcast. Zara has named her profile "Knickers Are Pants" and her videos can be found here: Zara from Hampstead on YouTube.

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