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Clive Bull

Clive Bull occupies the 10pm to 1am late evening slot on LBC radio. Clive is one of the most experienced LBC presenters having been with LBC the 2nd longest (first is Steve Allen). Clive has had his LBC show recognised in the industry by winning several awards including a prestigious bronze Sony Radio Academy Award.

Clive Bull has showed an interest in broadcasting from an early age bystudying educational broadcasting in the early 70's. Healso earned a distinction in radio journalism from The National Broadcasting School shortly after. Clive has a distinctive voice which has earned him television work mostly by narrating documentaries. He has also appearedin front of the screen as an extra in two television shows but his talents lie in radio and this forms the majority of his career.

Trivia :Clive Bull is a staunch supporter of Chelsea F.C. even before, he likes to point out, the Roman Abramovich era.

The Clive Bull Show on LBC radio is a light hearted entertainment show involving callers for the whole duration. Clive has an honest unassuming personality which allows his callers to really express themselves and sometimes drop their guard. Clive doesn't select topics for his callers to talk about but rather lets them choose their own line of conversation. This is often drawn to television especially reality shows and oftennews and other subjects of current interest. There is always a comedic aspect to the show and Clive helps this along with his dry sense of humour.

Behind the scenes of The Clive Bull Show is a producer who Clive often talks to on airandthat is Producer Bob. Producer Bob, born Robert Johnson, has been with the show since 1999 and his main duty is to vet callers before they talk to Clive on air. His other duties appear to be getting Clive a coffee and an occasional chocolate bar from the vending machinesat LBC towers. He also organises the shows podcast which he does 30 minutes before each show ends.

Trivia :Clive Bull was a telephone operator at LBC before a presenter was off sick and his big break came.

During the last 30 minutes of the show without Producer Bob the callers go straight to air without being vetted. This is often when anarchy sets in on The Clive Bull show especially if there is a full moon thatnight. Callers can often be heard "mooing" as in Clive's surname, the "Hey Little Hen" song is also a feature as well as other selective sounds and noises at the callers whim. All of this doesn't faze Clive whatsoever which sometimes seems to encourage more extreme noises in a hope of getting a reaction.

Much like other LBC radio presenters Clive Bull receives regular callers that phone in the show, the most popular of which has to be Babs from Bermondsey. The most current and memorable isundoubtedly Lynne from Forest Gate. Lynne is Clive's most argumentative caller which Clive takes full advantage of, when she talks to Clive she is pleasant enough but when another caller is placed on air with her theconversation will take a familiar turn. The conversations always start congenially enough but something can turn or upset Lynne, sometimes within 30 seconds, sometimes longer. When this happens the arguments ensue and Lynne will never back down. During this Cliveremains silent and lets the sides argue away and the entertainment flow.

Trivia :The Clive Bull Show has had many famous callers which include Peter Cook, Tony Blackburn, KerryKatona and Michael Barrymore to name but a few.

One of the unique features of the Clive Bull Show compared to other LBC radio shows are the jingles. Many of the jingles Clive plays are created by the listeners. They are enjoyable to listen to and some show some real talent. During the World Cup 2006 Clive held a contest for his listeners to create a World Cup song. Many duly obliged and they were all played on air with varying opinions as to their merits. At the end of thecompetition the best song was chosen by Clive and his callers, all this making a timely addition to the show.

Overall Clive Bull is perfect for the late night slot he's in, his personality is just right for that time of day. It sounds like Clive enjoys his show and this makes it enjoyable to listen to. His callers are always vibrant and entertaining which is in partly thanks to Producer Bob allowing the interesting callers to take the air with him. If you were to introduce someone to LBC radio then the Clive Bull show is probably the best show to hear first. It is the perfect reason as to why LBC radio is so good.

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