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Chris Hawkins

Chris Hawkins occupiesthe Saturday afternoon 1pm to 3pm slot on LBC radio. He also does the Psychic show on Friday evening at 10pm to 1am with Becky Walsh. Chris started with LBCon the Psychic show but was soon promoted to his own slot which he still occupies today. Here we give you details about Chris's career, what you can expect to hear on his show, the callershe has and what the show is like.

A career in radiowasassured for Chris Hawkins even at ayoung age.As a child he would often pretend to do radio shows with his sisters and interview them as if they werecelebrities on his show. He had an extended education by going to university in Nottinghamand started radio and media work afterwards. His first radioposition was at local station BBC Radio Shropshire. Following this he has had stints at a variety ofstations including the BBC World Service, Talk Radio UK and Jazz FM amongst others. Chris also had a daily show at the BBC London radio station, then called GLR, which ranfor 2 years.

Trivia :In March 2005 Chris Hawkins married now GMTV weather girl Clare Nasir.

Currently Chris Hawkins does all kinds of media workin addition to his Friday and Saturday LBC shows. This includes a show on BBC 6 Musicdigital radio5 days a week inthe early morning slot from 1am to 7am. Hehostsa weekend breakfast show on Classic Gold Digital radio. Heregularly fills in for BBC radio 2 when apresenter is on holiday or is off sick and heis a pundit for BBC radio 5 Live.All this means that Chris currently does a 6 dayweek just in radio. In journalism Chris writes a monthly music column forAngel Magazineafree magazine delivered to the Islington part of London and "North" another London magazine. Chris also does television work appearing regularly on BBC1 news and BBC News 24 totalk to thepresenter to comment on amusic related story.

The Chris Hawkins LBC show is a talk radio show with Chrisresponding to callers. He doesn't have any guests on his show he merely takes calls on air with news and travel every half hour. The subjects Chris talks about are often what's happening in his life orany issues that are affecting him. These are things that would affect anyone and is not specific to certain interests so most people would have an opinion to share.

Chris Hawkins has a cheerful personality and this comes across in his show. He is a friendly person who gets on well with his callers. The only problem is that he only appears once a week for only 2 hours on his own slotso you don't really get to know him. This also means you don't get regular callers on his show likeyou get with Clive Bull or Iain Lee . The subjects Chris talks about are generally not very controversial and neither is his opinion. Overall theshow is pretty standard talk radio fair with someone talking about life in general with their callers. If you like listeningto someone who is a nice person talking to like minded people then give the show a try. If you want humour or something more thought provoking then there are other LBC shows that wouldsatisfyyou more.

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