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Carol McGiffin

Carol McGiffin occupies the 10am to 1pm Sunday morning slot on LBC radio. She began this show with LBC in August 2006. Shewas with LBC before in 1999 when she did a Saturday afternoon show with Nick Abbot. She left after a yearto do other work before rejoining in 2006. Today Carol is a busy lady doing a variety of media work including television. Here we give you detailsabout Carol's career, what you can expect to hear on her show, some trivia facts you may not knowand what her LBC show is like.

Carol McGiffin's broadcasting career began at the age of 28 when she co-presented a show onBBC's London radio station GLR with Chris Evans in 1988. Carol went onto marry Chrisin 1991 but separated bitterly in 1994 and the bitternesscontinued in 1998 when they divorced. In 1995 Carol was one of the presenters at newly formed radio station "Talk Radio" (now Talk Sport ). She was soon promoted to the breakfastslotwhich she hosted with Paul Ross . During the following years she presented in a variety of time slots with a variety of co-hosts one of which was Nick Abbot. She would then be re-united with Nick in 1999 when she moved to LBC for the first time.

Trivia :Carol McGiffinsays she wants to eventually settle downin another country andFrance isthe top ofher list.

In 2003 Carol McGiffin managed to get aslot on the popular daytime ITV1 show "Loose Women ". Carol's personalityfits inwellfor the showas she's very opinionated especially regarding men.Carol is a party animal and likes the single life and thisis aregular talking pointon theshow.Carolstill co-presents the show today and hasmade more than 125 appearances.Even though Carol does this TV show 5 days a week and herSunday morning LBC showshe still does other television spots. She can occasionally be seen as a pundit on various magazine shows like "This Morning" and "GMTV" where her opinion is sought after.

In 2004 Carol McGiffin was in Thailand when the tsunami struck . Carol loves Thailand and has been there over 15 times. Bangkok is her favourite destination and shewould often go there for long weekendsflying inon Thursday and returning on Sunday. Unfortunately Christmas 2004 was another time Carol would be in Thailand and the Tsunami struck on that boxing day.She wasat Patong Beach in Phuket when the tsunami hit but fortunatelyescaped unhurt. Sheregularly talks about how the experience has affected her on her LBC show. She also wrote about it in an award winning article forCloser whose proceeds went to charitiestohelp the victims. Carol traveled to the site of the tsunami's destructiona year later toremember the 300,000 that perished.

The tsunami striking Patong Beach
Trivia : Carol McGiffin loves traveling and goes on holiday usually about 6 to 7 times a year to mostly long haul destinations.

The Carol McGiffin LBC show always features Carol at the beginning giving a long monologue lasting 15 minutes or so explainingevents that have occurred in her life in the past week as subjectsto talk about on the show. This 15 minutesoften turns into a rant about something she feels is unfair or something that has annoyed her in that week.Shecan go over the top andstarts getting emailsasking her to stop moaning. To her credit she reads these emails out on air whether they're good or bad. She can often be heard talkingabout celebrities alot which is a reflection of her television show.However she can be highly critical and unlike Steve Allen she doesn't do it with humour. The remaining period of the show she takes callers with whom she does have a good rapport and is always keen on hearing stories of a callers' injustice for her to empathise with.

Overall 47 year old Carol McGiffin has had a varied broadcasting career co-presenting important breakfast shows to afternoon slots and evening work.However the writer of this article finds this surprising:You give her a chance on her show but she hasyou reaching for the off button within 20 minutes max. Her voice is shrilland whiney and she is forever moaning. She doesn't seem to be happy with anything in her life andthe radio show is her vehicle to expressthis dissatisfaction. What is remarkable is that she must be drawing an audience because the schedule revampshave not affected theshow.She has absolutely no enthusiasm or charisma and her critical nature is annoying. This author likes nearly every LBC presenter but Carol McGiffin and Chris Hawkins justleaves me wanting, (to turn the radio off).

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