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Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley occupies the 1am to 5am through the night slot from Monday to Thursday on LBC radio. Bill has been with LBC for several years and use to fill in midweek regularly at a similar time slot when the presenterwas off sick. This has happened so often in 2006 that hecould regularly be heard through the night throughout the week. Now, due to a schedule revamp in May 2007 where Adrian Allen resigned due to commuting difficulties Bill now takes Adrian's old slot.

Bill Buckley first came to fame in television where from 1982 he co-presented the hugely popular show "That's Life!" with Esther Rantzen. This ran for 3 years before Bill earned a 6 year stint on the equally popular "Holiday" programme on the BBC. This programme containeda reporter who would travel the world reviewing holiday destinations and Bill was that reporter. Bill's entire career has revolved around media where apart from appearing in numerous television shows, he has written articles for food magazines, he was an announcer when channel 5 was first broadcast and he's hosted other radio shows around the UK. His talents remain in demand and today he can regularly be heard on LBC radio.

Trivia :Bill Buckley has a talent in music and wrote a song called "starting together" that reached number two in the UK charts.

Bill Buckley has a relatively easy going personality and this is reflected in his show. He allows callers to express themselves fully about their chosen subjects without being judgmental. Bill does have opinions about these subjects and will let them be known in a tactful way. Bill can be quite particular on grammar and pronunciation though and will politely correct any callers mistakes. He has a clear interest in the English language and will often have word games and competitions with his callers. He is especially keen on limericks and willhave frequent limerick competitions. Bill will usually set the first line and it is up to the callers to continue the verse. Bill enjoys these and shows some talent and expertise in this regard.

Bill Buckley also has a keen interest in music and he brings this into the show. When he's not talking about his favourite artists he can often be heard singing their greatest hits. These artists include Dolly Parton, Dionne Warwick and Donna Summer amongst others. There are callers that Bill will often sing withand Bill will singin harmony with them. Bill use to sing along to the actual recording of a song but this had to be stopped due to regulations that podcasts can not contain actual musical recordings. Unfortunately rather than edit the podcast Bill currently complies with the regulations live on air.

Bill Buckley says himself he intentionally makes the show light hearted and this is what you get. This is exactly what you need at this time of day. His personality fits in with this type of show and he is lively and entertaining as are his callers despite the early morning time slot. Overall the Bill Buckley Show is a pleasant easy going listen and well worth tuning in for should you be up and about in the early hours. Or alternatively catch it on the popular LBC plus podcasting service.

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