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Barry From Watford

Barry from Watford is one of the most unique callers Iain Lee has on his LBC radio show. Barry has been calling Iain for a while now and he's one of the most popular callers. Despite these regular calls there is little information known about Barry. But from various sources herewe give you somedetails about Barry and his family,his neighbours, some video clips of Barry on TV andthe stand up comedy shows he currently does.

Barry from Watford's full name is Barry St Michael, an 81 year old wholives in a small block of flatsin Watford. He lives there with wife Margaret St Michael , they have a son called David and two grandchildren.Barry and Margarethave an up and down relationshipthat has involvedsome temporary separations. One of which was caused by Barry commenting to Margaret that she had a slow eye andwobbly face. Another was when Margaret ran off with a Pakistanigentleman from a building society. Barry is a vegetarian as of 2003 and he won't touch meat apart from a bacon sandwich now and then. Sometimes he'll also have a bit of chicken and is a bit impartial to veal. And maybethe occasionalsteak on a Sunday, but apart from that he will not touch meat.

Trivia :Barry from Watfordhas been known tosteal his wife's motorised shopping scooter to go dogging.

Barry from Watford isgood friends with his neighbours inthe block of flatswhere he lives. One of those friends is Simon Clancy who Barry will often ask tolook after his allotment while he's away.Simon manages to do a good job as he's often able to get Barry's plums to swell to a really good sizeon his return. Another neighbour isJean Nugent who set Barry up ona "date" with a friend calledIreneduring a separation with Margaret. There was aproblem with the datewhere Irene had too many radishes fromthe salad bar and "blew off". This disgusted Barry especially when she raised herself up on one hand and let another one go.

So unique and entertaining is the personality of Barry St Michaelthat he is starting to get television work . He's introduced asBarry from Watfordand appeared onBBC 4's "Late Edition". This programme was a topical comedy chat show whichran for 2 series from 2005 to 2006. Barry appeared onseveral of the shows as a guest and by doing some outside reporting for the show. Thefollowing clips feature Barry in his reporting roles.

Here we have Barrytalking tothe youth of todayasking if it's rude to refer to them as yobs. Barry gets a mixed response but comes to a warm conclusion, or does he?

This is a clip of Barry going to a computer gamesexhibition to look at their history. Here Barry looks at the types of games available today andasks if these games can affect your ability to communicate with others.

Finally this is a clip of Barry visiting a modern art gallery and talking to a leading art critic todecide if modern art is valid. Here he comments on the exhibits and comes to a conclusion on modern art itself, enjoy.

Barry from Watford has actuallygone onthe road by doing somestand up comedy showssuch as one at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2006. This was a comedy show that featured Barry talking to the audience about his life and replaying some of his most popularLBC calls. There are some very positive reviews of the show includinga recommendationfor it to be nominated for the Perrier award. Barry is performing these shows again inMarch2007inNorth London and tickets are available. Hereyou can findmore details: Barry from Watfordcomedy show 2007.

OverallBarry from Watfordis one ofthestars of the Iain Lee LBC radio show.You look forward tohim coming on andsmile when you hearhim being introduced.With Barry you never know what peculiar story or event he wants to relay to Iain andit oftenmakes you laugh out loud .Just the way he speaks is amusing in itself. The stories he phones in with have to rank as some of the best LBC callsin terms of humour. This man deserves a regular slot on radio or televisionas longas we still get a dose of Barry on LBC.

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