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Anna Raeburn

Anna Raeburn occupies the 2pm to 4pm early afternoon slot on LBC radio. Anna is very famous in radio circlesdue toher 14 year stint at the hugely popularcapital radio. Anna's career has involved working in other forms of media too including writing for and appearing on television and also being an agony aunt in various magazines.

The Anna Raeburn LBC show incorporates callers and primarily deals with answering their problems. The show has a recognisable structure in that Anna invites discussion on a different particular issue or problem each day. These are usually based around relationships and health issues especially when there is an event for the day such as World Aids Day and other eventsas they occur.

Trivia :Despite dealing with callers problems and issues Anna Raeburn has no formal qualifications in this regard.

Anna Raeburn will often have guests on her show. These guests will specialise and also helpdictate the main issue talked about on that day. A recent example was a show about skin conditions where a professor of dermatologywas on hand to answer callers queries. Another show was about internet safetyand an expert and author of an internet safety book was invited to speak. Different guests appear all the time and can add a real insight to theissue talked about.

Anna Raeburnhas a unique philosophy and viewpoint on life, this makes her opinions highly sought after. She is very knowledgeable on the human psyche and combine this with her straight talking style and you have a very compelling show. This is really where Anna's talents lie unlike many agony aunts who pander to their readers or listeners Anna does not. She does show compassion and has a knack of telling the real truth behind a situation a caller describes, this is especially evident when discussing relationship problems and the caller is often shocked to hear this truth.

Trivia :Anna Raeburn has hadher fair share of personal problemsherself including divorce and claiming unemployment benefit for 6 months.

The Anna Raeburn Show provides a real and tangible service toboth callers and listenersthrough LBC radio. Rarely can such valuable advice be obtained so quickly and easily from professional people. Anna will also share her wisdom without the listener actuallytalking to her by responding to texts and emails (when there is enough information to provide an answer). This means the person with the problem can remain completely anonymous and doesn't have to talk about a personalissue live on air.

When listening to the Anna Raeburn show you can't help butfeel inspired by Anna's philosophy and call to action to encourage yourself to deal with any issues you may have and better yourself. In conclusionwhile only being two hours in length the show packs in alot of informationand proves essential listening for anyone keen onhearing and solving sometimes very personal problems.

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