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Adrian Allen

Update: Adrian left LBC suddenly in May 2007 .Adrian may still present at LBC but only to fill in when another presenter is ill or on holiday. The rest of this article was written before Adrian leftand serves as a bio and guide to Adrian at his peakfor LBC.

Adrian Allen occupies the through the night 1am to 5am slot on LBCfrom Monday to Friday. Adrian started his LBC show at the beginning of 2007 and is his first regular slot. He has done some work for LBC before but as a presenter who wouldfill inat short notice when a regular presenter was off sick. This happened quite regularly throughout2006 when Marcus Churchill was in hospital fora gallbladder problem. Here we give you details about Adrian's career, what you can expect to hear on his show, his personal interests and a summary of what the show is like.

There is little information on thecareer of Adrian Allenpre 2000. But from 2000 he's specialised in broadcasting by working for various radio stations across England. Thiswas primarily in the north (Adrian was born in Sunderland) forstations in Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham and Preston amongst others. This includes a stintfor Century FM at which Jim Davis also had a show although Jim joined after Adrian.This show wasmuch likealot ofAdrian's earlyradio career in that hewas as a DJ playing records. He first started in speech radio when he landed work as ahoston an independent local radio station called 96.6 TFM in the Tees Valley area. From this pointtalk radio was part of Adrian's repertoire.His last regular slot before joining LBC was at a show called "Talk of the North" broadcast to Sunderlandon a Sunday evening which ended in December 2006.

Trivia :AdrianAllen has always been interested in music from a young age and isa classically trained cellist.

The Adrian Allen LBC show coming just after Clive Bull lasts for 4 hours but doesn't feature Adrian taking calls for all thattime. At 4 amthere are"best of" summaries ofother presenters earlier showsuntil Steve Allen comes on at 5am. Adrian's style is very easy going and respectful in that helets the caller make their point. Often this means that the callerdoes most of the talking with Adrian acknowledging or asking appropriate questions every so often. In between calls Adrian does share his opinion givingyoua feeling of his personality. The topics talked about onthe show arenearly always currentnews and celebrities. These are introduced by Adrian at thebeginning and thenthe callersoften dictate what is talked about during the show.

The Adrian Allen show has only one regular guest through out the week.This is Alan Capper who appears on a Tuesdaybetween 2am to 2:30am. Alan Capper is an ex pat living in New York andas such is LBC's New York correspondent. He has been a regular feature of LBCfor many years and was one of the first British journalists to break the news of the world trade centre attacks in2001 whenhe reported the tragedy just two minutes after the first plane struck. In the halfhour that Alan speaks to Adrian,Alan will relay the top news storiesinAmericaand share hisBritish point of view of the news. He can often reveal insights into American culture and how it's different to the British way of living. This is very interesting and you are often left with nuggets of information you didn't know about America.This is well worth staying up for on an early Tuesday morning or catch it on the LBC plus podcasting service.

Trivia : AdrianAllen didn't start his career in the media and broadcasting. He is a motor mechanic by trade.

Adrian Allen is veryinterested in philosophy and ancient arts. He is trained in the Japanese martial artNinjitsu for which he has reached the grade of 7th Kyu. Adrian has commented on his shows that he took up a martial art due to his being bullied at school. His philosophy is that hetrained in this martial art so he never has to use it, showinga passive side to his personality. Another ancient art Adrian is practised in is the art of reiki . Reiki, pronounced "raykee", is the art of placing your handsabove certain parts of the body to encourage healing. Adrian has reached theposition of2nd degree practitioner in reiki and is considered a "reiki master". Through his show and on his website Adrianhas a reiki box where he offersdistant healing to those in need.Despite havingsuch an interest in these arts he rarely mentions them on his show unless a caller asks him.

The Adrian Allen show is not humorous like Clive Bull or Iain Lee before it but no less entertaining. There is humour in it like in everyday conversation but doesn't have the zany callers of Clive and Iain. The subjects Adrian tackles are done so in a thought provoking manner. The callers can provide some fascinating points of view and the showflows nicely. Alan gives a nice summary ofeach call before moving on to the next.Alan Capper is an essential listen on a Tuesday andwill sometimes take calls himself. Overall the Adrian Allen show is a little bit slower in pace than other LBC shows butmaybe this is what'srequired at this time of day. A good listenbefore work the next day.

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